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English Civil War
Bygone Age
1940's Britain
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Cat No. The Lost World of Atlantis - Fantasy (1/32 Scale) £each Image Add to Cart
A1 Khaan Lord of Atlantis 8.00 A1
A2 Princess Myrah with Leopard 19.50 A2
A3 Female court guard 8.00 A3
A4 Crouching captive Thorean 8.00 A4
A5 Princess Philendra sat on chair (complete) 12.50 A5
A6 Handmaiden seated with mirror 8.00 A6
A7 Satyr playing pipe 8.00 A7
A8 Handmaiden applying lotion 8.00 A8
A9 Reclining leopard 8.00 A9
A10 Thorean axeman versus Atlantean guard (complete) 19.50 A10
A11 Queen Kharina with two hounds (complete) 17.00 A11
A12 Seated girl playing pipes 8.00 A12
A13 Satyr & maiden seated with lyre 16.00 A13
A14 Dancing girl 8.00 A14
A15 Standing Bolg (32mm high) 4.50 A15
A16 Seated Bolg (32mm high) 4.50 A16
A17 Standing Athlene (32mm high) 4.50 A17
A18 Seated Faerene (32mm high) 4.50 A18
A19 Khaan seated on throne (complete) 21.50 A19
A20 Reclining girl (to accompany A19) 8.00 A20
A21 African Emissary 8.00 A21
A22 Bound slave girl 8.00 A22
A23 Encounter in the swamp (complete) 29.50 A23
A24 Captive of the Bolgs (complete) 20.00 A24
A25 Sun Worshipper I (complete) 19.50 A25
A26 Sun Worshipper II 8.00 A26
A27 Reclining man with drink 8.00 A27
A28 Girl reclining eating grapes 8.00 A28
A29 Girl with cushion 8.00 A29
A30 Serving girl with jug 8.00 A30
A31 Warrior defending maiden 19.50 A31
A32 Leaping tiger (to accompany A31) 15.00 A32
A33 Seated King Grossenwulf of Thorea on throne (complete) 19.50 A33
A34 Seated captive girl 8.00 A34
A35 Old witch Zolda leaning on staff 8.00 A35
A36 Ogash 5.00 A36
A37 Female Thorean guard 8.00 A37
A38 The winged horse & rider (complete) 33.00 A38
A39 Satyr with two fighting girls 27.00 A39
A40 Girl with fan 12.00 A40
A41 Orator 8.00 A41
A42 Secret Rites (complete) 33.00 A42
A43 The wounded warrior (complete) 33.00 A43
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