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English Civil War
Bygone Age
1940's Britain
General Interest
Cat No. General Interest (1/32 Scale) £each Image Add to Cart
B1 Adolf Hitler in great coat 8.00 B1
B2 RAF WWII pilot in flying jacket (Biggles?) 8.00 B2
B3 Admiral Lord Nelson 8.00 B3
B4 1800's Royal Marine with musket 8.00 B4
B5 1800's British Sailor 8.00 B5
B6 16th Century French Arquebusier 9.00 B6
B7 British Colonial Lancer Circa. 1890 - 1902 27.00 B7
B8 Young Winston Churchill - Omdurman 1898 27.00 B8
B9 18th to 19th Century general purpose sitting figure 8.00 B9
B10 Marshall Zhukov in full ceremonial uniform 8.00 B10
B11 SS Officer smoking in evening dress 8.00 B11
B12 'Telling it to the Marines' - British Naval rating & Royal Marine Light Infantryman in 'undress' uniform circa. 1914 16.00 B12
B12a British Naval rating from B12 set 'Telling it to the Marines' 8.50  
B12b Royal Marine Light Infantryman from B12 set 'Telling it to the Marines' 8.50  
B13 Algonkian Indian Chief - 1584 10.50 B13
B14 Sauk-Fox Indian, Iowa 1840 9.00 B14
B15 Artist standing painting with easel (complete) 21.00 B15
B16 Lighting Engineer & equipment (complete) 16.50 B16
B17 Sound Engineer & equipment (complete) 16.50 B17
B18 Camera man & equipment (complete) 16.50 B18
B19 Director sat in chair (complete) 16.50 B19
B20 Mounted Huntsman with Foxhound 33.00 B20
B21 Agincourt mounted knight charging with lance & shield 36.00 B21
B22 Duelling Agincourt knight with raised halberd 10.50 B22
B23 Duelling Agincourt knight with halberd at ready 10.50 B23
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