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Building Bags
Cat No. 1/76 (4mm) SCALE PRODUCTS £each Image Add to Cart
  Building Bags      
FBB1 4 short barrel chimney pots 1.50 FBB1
FBB2 4 tall round chimney pots with serrated top 1.50 FBB2
FBB3 4 tall chimney pots with plain top rim 1.50 FBB3
FBB4 4 tall chimney pots with beaded top rim & base 1.50 FBB4
FBB5 4 tall chimney pots, three bead top, single bead base 1.50 FBB5
FBB6 Pair of large square serrated top chimney pots 1.20 FBB6
FBB7 3 short chimney pots 1.20 FBB7
FBB8 4 tall chimney pots 1.50 FBB8
FBB9 10 mixed chimney pots 3.50 FBB9
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