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Cat No. 1/24 Scale Phoenix Miniatures - Military £each Image  
K1 Captain of Continental Marines 1776 18.00 camera  
K2 Captain of US Marine Corps 1976 18.00 camera  
K3 Lt Gen Lewis B. 'Chesty' Puller at the Battle for Cape Gloucester 1944 18.00 camera  
K4 Lein-Husaren Regt No. 2 (Von Zieten) Prussia 24.00 camera  
K5 Lance Corporal Military Police with stengun Europe 1944 21.00 camera  
K6 Waffen SS Obersturmfuhrer Italy 1943 24.00 camera  
K7 Grenadier Guardsmen 1944 drill order at Attention 19.50 camera  
K8 Grenadier Guardsmen 1944 drill order slope arms 19.50 camera  
K9 British Infantryman Europe 1944 24.00 camera  
K9a British Infantryman Europe 1944 Tam 'O' Shanter 'Scottie' 24.00 camera  
K11 French mounted Officer of Chaussers a Cheval de la Garde 1804 - 1815 63.00 camera