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  Suitable horses for OV1, 2, 3, 4, 6 & 10 are available from the Phoenix 43 Figures Range      
OV1 General carriers dray (with driver) 27.00 Image  
OV2 Tip cart 16.50 Image  
OV3 Coal merchant's trolley (with sacks & scales) 40.50 Image  
OV4 Four wheeled delivery van 27.00 Image  
OV5 1924 S & D petrol driven Freighter truck (with driver) 30.00 Image  
OV5a Shelvoke & Drewry Freighter dust cart 54.00 Image  
OV6 Two wheeled delivery van 22.50 Image  
OV7 1936 3-ton Scammel mechanical horse & flat bed trailer 42.50    
OV7a 1936 3-ton Scammel mechanical horse tractor unit 26.50 Image  
OV7b Flat bed trailer for Scammel 17.50 Image  
OV8 1930's mobile compressor 15.00 Image  
OV9 1930's motor cycle & sidecar (with driver & sidecar passenger) 15.00 Image  
OV10 'Open lot' Romany caravan 40.50 Image  
OV11 1930 4-ton Thornycroft flat bed lorry 54.00 Image  
OV12 1931 Ruston & Hornsby small diesel road roller (with driver) 18.00 Image  
OV13 1930's cement mixer (powered by single cylinder Lister engine) 13.50 Image  
OV14 1931 Bedford WHG 2-ton lorry (driver OF268 is not included) 51.00 Image  
OV15 1930's solo motorcycle 6.00 Image  
OV16 1930's solo motorcycle with rider 9.00 Image  
OV17 Motorcyclist 'resting' astride motorcycle 9.00 Image  
OV18 Solo motorcycle (type B) 6.00 Image  
OV20 Police motorcyclist 1930 9.00 Image  
OV21 AA Patrol combination (1930's) 15.00 Image  
OV22 Solo motorcycle type 'C' (1930) 6.00 Image  
OV23 Single horse-drawn general merchandise wagon kit 28.50 Image  
  Suitable horses for OV1, OV2, OV3, OV4, OV6 & OV10 are available from the Phoenix 43 Figures range manufactured by S & D Models. See below.      
  Phoenix 1/43 Scale Horses      
OF62 Horse in harness with head up 5.00 Image  
OF63 Horse in harness with head down 5.00 Image  
OF64 Horse in harness with head turned to left 5.00 Image  
OF65 Farm / cart horse in harness 5.50 Image  
OF362 Standing horse in harness "resting" rear left hoof 5.00 Image  
OA2 Large draught mule unharnessed 5.00 Image  
OA3 Holstein horse grazing 5.00 Image  
  Cart/Wagon Wheels (*sold individually)      
OW1 Approximately 20mm diameter (12-spoke) wheel 1.50 Image  
OW2 Approximately 25mm diameter (12-spoke) wheel 1.75 Image  
OW3 Approximately 32mm diameter (14-spoke) wheel 2.10 Image  
RV1 Milnes-Daimler Charabanc - 63 white metal castings together with all the screws, nuts, wire and brass section to complete a screw and glue assembly, resulting in a fine 1908 model of historic importance, the use of which ultimately led to the demise of the railway services. It was originally to assist when introduced in 1904. 54.00 Image  
RV2 Hansom cab - Suitable horses for this vehicle are available from the Phoenix 43 range (OF62, 63, 64) 19.50 Image