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Cat No. 1/24 Scale Accessories £each Image
XA1 K pattern oil can 1.50 Image
XA2 Axe 1.50 Image
XA3 Sledge hammer (maul) 1.50 Image
XA4 Pick-axe 1.50 Image
XA5 Long handle sledge hammer (ball pein) 1.50 Image
XA6 Medium weight mining pick 1.50 Image
XA7 D-handle shovel, long blade with round shoulder 1.50 Image
XA8 Large ballast builders shovel 1.50 Image
XA9 Pair of double-ended spanners (2 sizes) 1.50 Image
XA10 Bucket with separate D-shaped handle 4.00 Image
XA11 Tin bath, complete one piece casting 6.00 Image
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