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Cat No. SUPER-DETAILED ACCESSORIES £each Image Add to Cart
AB1 Blacksmith - round, half round and flat files, club hammer, tongs and anvil 2.50 AB1
AB2 Agricultural - long handled spade and fork,pitchfork,axe and sickle 2.50 AB2
AB3 Industrial gas bottles (one each of Oxygen and Acetylene) 2.25 AB3
AB4 Carpentry (1) - jack plane, rip and tenon saws, mallet, chisel and screwdriver 2.25 AB4
AB5 Platelayers (1) - rail bender and track gauge suitable for 32 or 16.5mm gauges 2.50 AB5
AB6 Platelayers(2)- spanner, spade, ballast rake, key hammer and crow bar 2.25 AB6
AB7 Quarrying - long handled club & wedge hammers, pick axe, chisel and shovel 2.25 AB7
AB8 Locomotive (1) - fire iron, shovel, grease gun,adj.spanner,coal hammer and oil can 2.50 AB8
AB9 Roadmenders-broom, pick axe, sledge hammer, pummel and shovel 2.25 AB9
AB10 Gardeners-birch broom, spade, fork, rake and hoe 2.50 AB10
AB11 Wheel barrow-based on one at Amberley Museum (3 piece kit) 4.00 AB11
AB12 Locomotive(2) - shovel, grease gun,adj.spanner,coal hammer and oil can 2.25 AB12
AB13 Pair of floor standing buckets (filled) 2.00 AB13
AB14 Pair of hanging buckets (handles up, not movable, filled) 2.00 AB14
AB15 6' Bench seat kit 3.00 AB15
AB16 9' Bench seat kit 4.00 AB16
AB17 Pair of metal buckets - scale 2 and 2.5 gallon capacity with separate handles 3.75 AB17
AB18 Mechanics - Stilsons, ball pein hammer,6in vice,adj.,s.e and pair of d.e spanners 2.50 Mechanics - Stilsons, ball pein hammer,6in vice,adj.,s.e and pair of d.e spanners
AB19 Oddments - Hurricane lamp, Billy can, stone storage jar and coffee pot 2.00 AB19
AB20 Cheshire Lines Committee signal finials - 3 per pack 2.00 AB20
AB21 Great Western style (solid ball) signal finials - 3 per pack 2.00 AB21
AB22 Midland Railway signal finials - 3 per pack 2.00 AB22
AB23 Pair of single strut support brackets 22mm high x 25mm long 2.00 AB23
AB24 Pair of single circle support brackets 22mm high x 25mm long 2.00 AB24
AB25 Pair of single strut support brackets 25mm high x 42mm long 2.00 AB25
AB26 Pair of triple circle support brackets 25mm high x 42mm long 2.00 AB26
AB27 Carpentry(2) - 2 piece saw horse kit, chisel, claw hammer and broom 2.50 AB27
AB28 Upper quadrant signal balance arm and lamp 2.50 AB28
AB29 Lower quadrant signal balance arm and lamp 2.50 AB29
AB30 Leg vice - 2 piece kit suitable for bench up to scale height of 30" 2.00 AB30
AB31 6 wine/lemonade bottles 2.00 AB31
AB32 Domestic(1) - carpet beater, broom, scrubbing brush, washboard, hand bellows 2.50 AB32
AB33 Galvanised tin bath 2.25 AB33
AB34 4-gallon watering can - 3 piece kit 2.50 AB34
AB35 3-hoop wooden tub with handles - suitable for laundry etc. 2.50 AB35
AB36 Pair of bus stop posts with cast tops 3.00 AB36
AB37 Manhole cover and hole top rim (suitable for use with PHOENIX OF37) 2.50 AB37
AB37A Pair of manhole covers assembled in top rims 2.50 AB37A
AB38 Fruit and vegetable boxes - 2 filled, 1 empty 2.25 AB38
AB39 Flower/shrub tub - 3-hoop wooden tub with plain top 2.50 AB39
AB40 Road maintenance - pair of foldaway barriers with 2 lamps 4.50 AB40
AB41 Wooden step ladder kit (suitable for use with PHOENIX OF48 painter/decorator) 3.00 AB41
AB42 Sack barrow kit (suitable for use with PHOENIX OF47 porter 3.75 AB42
AB43 Watchman's hut - 4 piece kit (suitable for use with PHOENIX OF43 or OF46) 4.75 AB43
AB44 Brazier - 2 piece kit 3.00 AB44
AB45 Ladder - approx 9'6" scale length (suitable for PHOENIX OF48 or OF128 & 129) 2.25 AB45
AB46 Standpipe with hook on tap and spare tap for wall or tank fixing 2.00 AB46
AB47 Domestic(2) - sauce and braising pans with lids on, frying pan and kettle 2.50 AB47
AB48 Decorators - 3 paint brushes and paint pot (suits PHOENIX OF48) 2.25 AB48
AB49 Dustbin - 3 piece kit features separate lid and base, early pattern 12 flutes 4.50 AB49
AB50 Sun-dial 2.00 AB50
AB51 Bird bath 2.00 AB51
AB52 Plain egg cup shaped urn for flowers or small shrub 2.00 AB52
AB53 Gnome standing with arms to front clasping hoe 1.50 AB53
AB54 Gnome sitting on mushroom holding fishing rod 2.00 AB54
AB55 Garden roller - 2 pieces 2.50 AB55
AB56 Wooden bee-hive - 2 pieces 3.00 AB56
AB57 Large straight sided milk churn 1.50 AB57
AB58 Fly press with Hunton bolster - 2 pieces + wire handle 3.00 AB58
AB58A Fly press - 2 pieces + wire handle 3.00 AB58A
AB59 Locomotive(3) - steam oil can and tea can with mug lid and wire handle 2.25 AB59
AB60 Pair of table lamps - suitable most dining/restaurant cars, also domestic 2.00 AB60
AB61 Pair of lamps and girth loops (suits PHOENIX OF62,63,64,OV4 & OV6) 3.00 AB61
AB62 Empty coal sacks (pile of 4 and pile of 2) 2.50 AB62
AB63 Two full coal sacks 2.50 AB63
AB64 Enamel water jug and basin 2.50 AB64
AB65 Foot pedal operated floor standing grindstone (5 pieces + wire link) 5.00 AB65
AB66 Three taps suitable for wall or tank mounting 2.00 AB66
AB67 Tap, sink and waste pipe 3.00 AB67
AB68 Rectangular wicker hamper (scale size approx. 35" x 24" x 16" high) 2.50 AB68
AB69 Circular wicker basket (scale size approx. 23" diameter x 16" high) 2.50 AB69
AB70 6-peg rack of horseshoe blanks and 2 spare horseshoe blanks 2.50 AB70
AB71 Single bracket hook on backing board with hanging bucket 2.00 AB71
AB72 Trade bicycle with front (empty) basket 4.50 AB72
AB73 Large Sack Barrow 3.50 AB73
AB74 Mounting block - 3 worn stone steps - single piece casting 3.50 AB74
AB75 Two handled wood saw 1.50 AB75
AB76 Four shackles 2.25 AB76
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