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Cat No. PHOENIX 43 FIGURES £each Image Add to Cart
OA1 Cocker Spaniel (sitting) 2.00 OA1
OA2 Large draught mule unharnessed 6.00 OA2
OA3 Holstein horse grazing 6.00 OA3
OA4 Standing fox with head turned slightly to right 2.00 OA4
OF1 Rustic table & bench seat 4.50 OF1
OF1A Pair of rustic bench seats 3.00 OF1A
OF2 Seated countryman wearing 'deerstalker' 3.00 OF2
OF2A Industrial locomotive driver 3.00 OF2A
OF3 Begging dog 2.00 OF3
OF4 Man standing with hands in pockets 3.00 OF4
OF5 Woman standing 3.00 OF5
OF6 Porter with burst open suitcase 4.50 OF6
OF7 Man wearing cap and scarf, cigarette in mouth 3.00 OF7
OF8 Woman standing with basket of shopping 3.00 OF8
OF9 Newspaper seller 3.00 OF9
OF10 Policeman standing with one arm behind back 3.00 OF10
OF11 Small boy holding catapult 2.50 OF11
OF12 Woman wearing overall admonishing OF11 (small boy) 3.00 OF12
OF13 Woman walking with handbag under right arm 3.00 OF13
OF14 Man walking carrying brief-case wearing rain coat and hat 3.00 OF14
OF15 Station Master directing passengers 3.00 OF15
OF16 'Smart' lady wearing fox fur and suit 3.00 OF16
OF17 Young girl standing with hands clasped at front 2.50 OF17
OF18 Ex-serviceman with Concertina 3.00 OF18
OF19 Ex-serviceman with one leg and crutch, holding cap 3.50 OF19
OF20 Blind ex-serviceman with cane, playing mouth organ 3.00 OF20
OF21 Sailor with kitbag over shoulder carrying small case 3.50 OF21
OF22 Soldier lighting cigarette with kitbag standing at side 4.00 OF22
OF23 Steam locomotive driver with left arm raised wearing cap 3.00 OF23
OF23A Steam locomotive driver with left arm raised wearing bowler hat 3.00 OF23A
OF24 Steam locomotive fireman resting on shovel wearing cap 3.00 OF24
OF24A Steam locomotive fireman resting on shovel wearing bowler hat 3.00 OF24A
OF25 Shunter holding lamp and pole 3.00 OF25
OF26 Postman holding out letter (late Victorian/ Edwardian) 3.00 OF26
OF27 Seated bus driver (separate arms, suits RV1 Charabanc) 3.00 OF27 Awaiting Stock
OF27A Seated driver, right arm on lap, separate left arm & head (suits RV1) 3.00 OF27A
OF28 Flower seller (long skirt - late Victorian/ Edwardian) 3.00 OF28
OF29 Lady walking carrying handbag and parasol (Late Vic./ Ed.) 3.00 OF29
OF30 Lady seated, hands in muff (Late Vic/ Ed. suits RV1 Charabanc) 3.00 OF30
OF31 Gentleman seated wearing boater (ideal companion for OF30) 3.00 OF31
OF32 Farm-worker wearing smock, seated with drink 3.00 OF32
OF33 Farm girl wearing apron, carrying bucket, bare footed 3.00 OF33
OF34 Waitress carrying tray 3.00 OF34
OF35 Signalman with watch in hand 3.00 OF35
OF36 Guard with raised flag 3.00 OF36
OF36A Guard with lowered flag 3.00 OF36A
OF37 Manhole inspection crew (suits AB37 Manhole cover & rim) 8.00 OF37
OF38 Lady seated with hands clasped on lap & handbag under arm 3.00 OF38
OF39 Female locomotive crew (two attractive girls) 6.00 OF39
OF40 Shopkeeper (large waist apron, bare headed) 3.00 OF40
OF41 Shopkeeper (wearing apron, bow tie & 'boater') 3.00 OF41
OF42 Workman with spade 3.00 OF42
OF43 Workman with mug and roll - suits AB43 hut 3.00 OF43
OF44 Workman leaning on shovel 3.00 OF44
OF45 Man wearing cap & scarf standing reading newspaper 3.00 OF45
OF46 Seated man wearing bowler hat reading newspaper 3.00 OF46
OF47 Porter to suit AB42 Sack Barrow 3.00 OF47
OF48 Painter-decorator suits AB41 step ladder or AB45 ladder 3.00 OF48
OF49 Standing gentleman with suitcase (Edwardian onwards) 3.50 OF49
OF50 Picnic set - Edwardian couple with accessories 8.50 OF50
OF51 Engine driver leaning out of cab 3.00 OF51
OF52 Fireman with rag in hand leaning out of cab 3.00 OF52
OF53 Tram driver (with separate arms) 3.00 OF53
OF54 Tram or bus conductress 3.00 OF54
OF55 Storeman / Shop manager wearing overall, arms folded at front 3.00 OF55
OF56 Labourer / Shop assistant holding broom 3.00 OF56
OF57 Errand boy with trade bicycle 7.50 OF57
OF58 District nurse 3.00 OF58
OF59 Elegant Edwardian lady (hatless) 3.00 OF59 Awaiting Stock
OF60 Two schoolgirls (1 walking, 1 crying) 5.00 OF60
OF61 Two schoolgirls (both running) 5.00 OF61
OF62 Horse in harness with head up 6.00 OF62
OF63 Horse in harness with head down 6.00 OF63
OF64 Horse in harness with head turned to left 6.00 OF64
OF65 Farm / cart horse in harness 6.50 OF65
OF66 Man to lead horse 3.00 OF66
OF67 Man riding horse 9.00 OF67
OF68 Lady riding horse side-saddle 9.00 OF68
OF69 Coalman carrying sack of coal 4.00 OF69
OF70 Seated delivery van driver 3.00 OF70
OF71 Delivery man carrying basket of bread etc. 4.00 OF71
OF72 Edwardian beach photographer with tripod camera 5.00 OF72
OF73 Edwardian couple in beach wear 6.00 OF73
OF74 Edwardian boy and girl in beachwear 5.00 OF74
OF75 Edwardian young woman posing in beachwear 3.00 OF75
OF76 Edwardian girl riding donkey 6.50 OF76
OF77 Riderless saddled donkey 4.00 OF77
OF78 Donkey attendant 3.00 OF78
OF79 Large five bar gate with posts 6.00 OF79
OF80 Workman standing with pick-axe over shoulder 3.00 OF80
OF81 Standing young man (1990's) 3.00 OF81
OF82 Standing man with video camera 3.00 OF82
OF83 Standing young woman in slacks & sweater (1990's) 3.00 OF83
OF84 Standing man with flat cap 3.00 OF84
OF85 Young boy, standing pointing 2.50 OF85
OF86 Young girl with walkman 2.50 OF86
OF87 1950's young couple with portable radio 6.00 OF87
OF88 Countryman / gamekeeper with shotgun 3.00 OF88
OF89 Man shooting shotgun accompanied by loader 6.00 OF89
OF90 Warrener (rabbit farmer) 4.00 OF90
OF91 Gun dog (bitch) 2.00 OF91
OF92 Bearded tramp (bowler hat & bundle on a stick) 4.00 OF92
OF93 Seated fisherman holding rod & landing net with creel 6.00 OF93
OF94 Workman leaning forward scratching head 3.00 OF94
OF95 Blacksmith with tools and equipment 8.50 OF95
OF96 Industrial forge hearth 8.50 OF96
OF97 Six conical milk churns 7.50 OF97
OF98 Six straight sided milk churns 7.00 OF98
OF99 Three schoolboy train-spotters 7.50 OF99
OF100 Workman with shovel 3.00 OF100
OF101 Workman using pick-axe 3.00 OF101
OF102 Workman using sledge hammer 3.00 OF102
OF103 1950's seated girl 3.00 OF103
OF104 Sitting girl suitable as car passenger 3.00 OF104
OF105 Standing 1960's girl with pony tail wearing jeans 3.00 OF105
OF106 Young man with jacket over shoulder 3.00 OF106
OF107 US Highway Patrolman leaning with legs crossed 3.00 OF107
OF108 US Highway Patrolman standing with arms folded 3.00 OF108
OF109 US County Sheriff standing with hand on holster 3.00 OF109
OF110 British Policeman in shirt sleeves with 'walkie talkie' 3.00 OF110
OF111 1950's young woman wearing dress 3.00 OF111
OF112 1950's young woman wearing hat and suit with flared skirt 3.00 OF112
OF113 1950's man wearing suit with drape jacket 3.00 OF113
OF114 Gypsy or countryman wearing hat with sack over shoulder 3.00 OF114
OF115 Gypsy woman seated with baby 5.50 OF115
OF116 Young woman with basket 3.00 OF116
OF117 Boy with firewood 3.00 OF117
OF118 Girl playing with dog 3.50 OF118
OF119 Camp fire with pot 3.50 OF119
OF120 Gypsy pony (no harness) 6.00 OF120
OF121 Workman with pneumatic drill & airline (suits OV8 compressor) 4.50 OF121
OF122 Seated artist with canvas on easel 6.00 OF122
OF123 Gentleman wearing suit and bowler hat 3.00 OF123
OF124 Workman digging wearing wellington boots 3.00 OF124
OF125 Garage mechanic wearing overalls 3.00 OF125
OF126 Man with SLR camera 3.00 OF126
OF127 Man wearing overcoat, bowler hat and umbrella 3.00 OF127
OF128 Workman A carrying (suitable for AB45 ladder) 3.00 OF128
OF129 Workman B carrying (suitable for AB45 ladder) 3.00 OF129
OF130 Workman shovelling over left shoulder 3.00 OF130
OF131 Fly fisherman 6.00 OF131
OF132 Market stall 9.00 OF132
OF133 Market vegetable produce set 8.00 OF133
OF134 Market trader 3.00 OF134
OF135 Small boy standing, hands on hips 2.50 OF135
OF136 2 workbenches with 3 vices 8.00 OF136
OF137 Workman at bench (filing) 3.00 OF137
OF138 Youth walking 3.00 OF138
OF139 Girl walking 3.00 OF139
OF140 Workman 'calling on' with right hand 3.00 OF140
OF141 Man carrying track spanner over shoulder 3.00 OF141
OF142 'Boy' with grease can 3.00 OF142
OF143 Man tipping skip 3.00 OF143
OF144 Man pushing skip 3.00 OF144
OF145 Workman with sledgehammer 3.00 OF145
OF146 Male passenger seated 3.00 OF146
OF147 Female passenger seated 3.00 OF147
OF148 Surveyor with theodolite 5.50 OF148
OF149 Surveyors assistant with staff and range pole 5.00 OF149
OF150 Workman with trowel laying a brick 3.00 OF150
OF151 Workman carrying hod with brick load 3.00 OF151
OF152 Painter/ decorator 3.00 OF152
OF153 Carpenter sawing on trestle 5.50 OF153
OF154 'T' bar hand-cart 8.50 OF154
OF155 Butchery/ bakery hand-cart 5.50 OF155
OF156 Costermonger's barrow 5.50 OF156
OF157 Seated child passengers (2 boys) 5.00 OF157
OF158 Seated child passengers (2 girls) 5.00 OF158
OF159 Seated youth passenger 3.00 OF159
OF160 Seated girl passenger 3.00 OF160
OF161 Workman with pipe 3.00 OF161
OF162 Workman shovelling (for OV13) 3.00 OF162
OF163 Manager with clipboard 3.00 OF163
OF164 Gas welding trolley, oxyacetylene bottles & torch 8.00 OF164
OF165 Gas welder (kneeling) 3.00 OF165
OF166 Lady's bicycle 4.00 OF166
OF167 Gent's bicycle 4.00 OF167
OF168 Girl holding bicycle 7.00 OF168
OF169 Young man sitting on bicycle (One foot on the ground) 7.00 OF169
OF170 Edwardian street trader 3.00 OF170
OF171 Street gas lamp 4.50 OF171
OF172 Park bench seat 6.00 OF172
OF173 Civilian air raid warden 3.00 OF173
OF174 Policeman (checking I.D.) 3.00 OF174
OF175 Fireman (with mug of tea) 3.00 OF175
OF176 Rescue worker (with mug of tea) 3.00 OF176
OF177 Sailor (with gas mask & case) 3.00 OF177
OF178 British soldier (street battledress) 3.00 OF178
OF179 U.S. soldier (walking out) 3.00 OF179
OF180 U.S.A.A.F. officer (leather jacket) 3.00 OF180
OF181 R.A.F. officer (with bag) 3.00 OF181
OF182 R.A.F. airman (walking out) 3.00 OF182
OF183 W.A.A.F. girl (with gas mask) 3.00 OF183
OF184 Gas welder (standing) 3.00 OF184
OF185 Army officer (in trench coat) 3.00 OF185
OF186 Postman with bicycle 7.50 OF186
OF187 Workman (wearing overalls, with shovel) 3.00 OF187
OF188 Workman standing (with shovel) 3.00 OF188
OF189 Workman standing (with pick-axe) 3.00 OF189
OF190 Workman (lighting 'fag') 3.00 OF190
OF191 Clergyman 3.00 OF191
OF192 Man in trench coat 3.00 OF192
OF193 Locomotive driver (with mug) 3.00 OF193
OF194 Locomotive driver (with sandwich) 3.00 OF194
OF195 Locomotive driver (at controls) 3.00 OF195
OF196 Locomotive fireman (with long shovel) 3.00 OF196
OF197 Greenhouse (approximately 8' x 6') 13.50 OF197
OF198 Two cold frames 6.00 OF198
OF199 Garden shed (approx. 6ft 6in x 4ft) 11.50 Garden shed approx. 6ft 6in x 4ft
OF200 Soldier (1940's) seated 3.00 OF200
OF201 Seated man 3.00 OF201
OF202 Salesman ('spiv') with suitcase 3.50 OF202
OF203 Scoutmaster (1930 - 40's) 3.00 OF203
OF204 Boy Scout (1930 - 40's) 3.00 OF204
OF205 Cub Scout (1930 - 50's) 2.50 OF205
OF206 British Naval Officer 3.00 OF206
OF207 6 Manhole/drain covers 6.00 OF207
OF208 One each of 'Halt', 'Slow' & 'No Through Road' signs 4.50 OF208
OF209 One each of 'Crossroads', 'School' & 'Level Crossing' signs 4.50 OF209
OF210 Workman kneeling with hammer 3.00 OF210
OF211 Workman on 1-leg seat with slate saw 5.00 OF211
OF212 Workman with slate axe 3.00 OF212
OF213 Workman with pick-axe 3.00 OF213
OF214 Workman with slate pick 3.00 OF214
OF215 Workman with long levering bar 3.00 OF215
OF216 Workman with wheelbarrow 7.00 OF216
OF217 Workman splitting slate 4.00 OF217
OF218 Wheelbarrow 4.00 OF218
OF219 Quarry worker using steam rock drill 7.50 OF219
OF220 Steam rock drill 4.50 OF220
OF221 WW2 soldier wearing greatcoat 3.00 OF221
OF222 WW2 sailor wearing greatcoat 3.00 OF222
OF223 Special constable 3.00 OF223
OF224 Farrier shoeing a horse 9.50 OF224
OF225 Man cleaning car 4.00 OF225
OF226 Four small casks 6.00 OF226
OF227 Two large casks 6.00 OF227
OF228 Working girl (wearing bib & brace overall) 3.00 OF228
OF229 Industrial locoman 3.00 OF229
OF230 Standing motorcyclist 3.00 OF230
OF231 Standing girl wearing weathercoat 3.00 OF231
OF232 1930's sports car driver 3.00 OF232
OF233 1930's lady driver 3.00 OF233
OF234 1930's competition driver 3.00 OF234
OF235 Land girl with bucket 3.00 OF235
OF236 Male hiker 3.00 OF236
OF237 Female hiker 3.00 OF237
OF238 Boy scout to pull handcart (SK2 or OF154) 2.50 OF238
OF239 Boy scout to push handcart (SK2 or OF154) 2.50 OF239
OF240 Pit or quarry pony with draw-bar 6.00 OF240
OF241 Man in shirt sleeves 3.00 OF241
OF242 Young woman wearing belted dress 3.00 OF242
OF243 Man leaning back 3.00 OF243
OF244 Old lady 3.00 OF244
OF245 Old gentleman 3.00 OF245
OF246 Miner standing 3.00 OF246
OF247 Miner holding lamp 3.00 OF247
OF248 Miner pushing tub or skip 3.00 OF248
OF249 Seated land girl 3.00 OF249
OF250 Seated male hiker 3.00 OF250
OF251 Seated female hiker 3.00 OF251
OF252 Farmer (hands on hips) 3.00 OF252
OF253 Farmer with bucket 3.00 OF253
OF254 Man holding piglet 3.00 OF254
OF255 Farm worker, hoeing 3.00 OF255
OF256 Farm worker, with pitchfork 3.00 OF256
OF257 Painter/decorator, suits AB41 step ladder (not included) 3.00 OF257
OF258 Quarry boiler & water cart 21.00 OF258
OF259 Porter looking at watch 3.00 OF259
OF260 Porter standing talking 3.00 OF260
OF261 Man in weather coat 3.00 OF261
OF262 Two men sawing wood 7.50 OF262
OF263 Woman with small boy 5.50 OF263
OF264 Country gent 3.00 OF264
OF265 Man in overcoat 3.00 OF265
OF266 Foreman 3.00 OF266
OF267 Man in raincoat 3.00 OF267
OF268 Lorry driver 3.00 OF268
OF269 Workshop lathe 9.00 OF269 Awaiting Stock
OF270 lathe operator 3.00 OF270
OF271 Cooper with cask 6.00 OF271
OF272 Workshop drill 7.50 OF272 Awaiting Stock
OF273 Drill operator 3.00 OF273
OF274 Set of three ladders 7.50 OF274
OF275 Set of luggage (6 pieces) 6.00 OF275
OF276 Large hamper and trunk 7.00 OF276
OF277 Man on shooting stick 3.00 OF277
OF278 Woman with baby 3.00 OF278
OF279 Scottish gentleman 3.00 OF279
OF280 Smart lady 3.00 OF280
OF281 Porter with large sack-barrow 6.50 OF281
OF282 Countryman with small dog 5.00 OF282
OF283 Man with scythe 4.00 OF283
OF284 Lady with fur coat 3.00 OF284
OF285 Motorcyclist in leather coat 3.00 OF285
OF286 AA Patrol superintendent (1930's) 3.00 OF286
OF287 Man (shirtsleeves) with wheelbarrow 7.00 OF287
OF288 Workman (shirtsleeves) standing 3.00 OF288
OF289 Man in open overcoat 3.00 OF289
OF290 'Gentleman' golfer with bag 4.50 OF290
OF291 Trench digger 3.00 OF291
OF292 Woodsman with axe 3.00 OF292
OF293 Army Officer, seated 3.00 OF293
OF294 Driver fire appliance 3.00 OF294
OF295 Fireman climbing ladder 3.00 OF295
OF296 Brigade fire officer 3.00 OF296
OF297 Fireman with hydrant T-bar 3.00 OF297
OF298 Fireman rescuing cat 3.00 OF298
OF299 Fireman with hose-pipe end 3.00 OF299
OF300 Seated man with ankles crossed wearing Cap, Scarf and Overcoat 3.00 OF300
OF301 Petrol Pump attendant wearing Boiler Suit, holding petrol filling nozzle 3.00 OF301
OF302 Standing miner holding mug of tea 3.00 OF302
OF303 Seated man (flat cap, reading newspaper) 3.00 OF303
OF304 Seated man with hands on knees wearing smock 3.00 OF304
OF305 'Johnny Onions' with bicycle 9.00 OF305
OF306 Standing onion seller wearing clogs and beret with long strings of onions 5.00 OF306
OF307 'Bessie' - standing Welsh station-mistress 3.00 OF307
OF308 'Miriam' - standing Welsh station-mistress/short cloak 3.00 OF308
OF309 Female loco driver, cap, gloves & protective boots (reworked OF39) 3.00 OF309
OF310 Female loco. stoker, cap, gloves, safety shoes & shovel 3.00 OF310
OF311 Loco. Driver (cap worn backwards, goggles) 3.00 OF311
OF312 Loco. Fireman/Crewman, beret, gloves, bib & braces overall 3.00 OF312
OF313 Industrial loco. driver (also suits OV5a dust cart) 3.00 OF313
OF314 Standing woman wearing full length fur coat 3.00 OF314
OF315 Standing man, hands on hips, polo neck sweater & wellington boots 3.00 OF315
OF316 Standing bearded man, greatcoat, cap & holding suitcase 3.00 OF316
OF317 Modern girl standing, cowl neck long line sweater, jeans & boots 3.00 OF317
OF318 Seated woman reading newspaper 3.00 OF318
OF319 Seated motor cyclist riding 3.00 OF319
OF320 Seated motor cyclist right foot down 3.00 OF320
OF321 Seated gent., top hat, monocle, reading newspaper 3.00 OF321
OF322 Seated lady, looking right 3.00 OF322
OF323 Seated lady, reading book 3.00 OF323
OF324 Seated gent., top hat cross-legged 3.00 OF324
OF325 Seated gent., top hat 3.00 OF325
OF326 Standing gent., top hat, walking cane 3.00 OF326
OF327 Standing young man, boater, walking cane 3.00 OF327
OF328 Standing gentleman wearing morning coat and top hat holding walking cane behind back 3.00 OF328
OF333 Seated Hansom Cab driver wearing bowler hat, jacket and scarf tied at throat 3.00 OF333
OF334 Lorry driver (suits OV11) 3.00 TBA
OF335 Standing gentleman/Stationmaster wearing top hat and looking at his watch with morning coat open 3.00 OF335
OF336 Dining/restaurant/Pullman car, standing steward, hands clasped at front 3.00 OF336
OF338 Passenger train guard, left hand resting on bottom frame of window 3.00 OF338
OF339 Standing driver/engineer, American bib & braces overall, protective gloves, no hat 3.00 OF339
OF340 Seated loco. driver, grease top cap, driving jacket 3.00 OF340
OF341 Seated fireman, grease top cap, bib & braces overall, legs extended forwards 3.00 OF341
OF342 Standing fireman, bib & braces overall, grease top cap 3.00 OF342
OF343 Standing driver/fireman, 'fag' in mouth, right hand in pocket, jacket over bib & braces overall ('off duty!') 3.00 OF343
OF344 Seated carter, long apron, for horse drawn vehicle 3.00 OF344
OF345 Standing carter with flat cap and long apron to hold horses head 3.00 OF345
OF346 Standing, bearded carter, long apron, hands down at sides 3.00 OF346
OF347 Standing woman, bare headed with full length apron 3.00 OF347
OF348 Standing woman, pinafore, head-scarf, folded arms 3.00 OF348
OF349 Standing woman, hat with apron tied at waist and hands clasped to front 3.00 OF349
OF350 Standing AA patrol man saluting, with right hand glove held in left 3.00 OF350
OF351 Motor show girl, short dress-coat & boots 3.00 OF351
OF352 Standing man' bib & braces overall, cap, holding shovel horizontally 3.00 tba
OF353 Standing woman, head-scarf, clogs, holding long handled shovel, suitable as pit-head/quarry/agricultural worker 3.00 OF353
OF354 Standing driver, left arm raised to operate whistle/bell 3.00 OF354
OF355 Seated driver, jacket & tie, no hat, suitable for diesel loco 3.00 OF355
OF357 Standing horse, bridle, no saddle 6.00 OF357
OF358 Groom, cap, waistcoat, jodphurs, rolled up shirt-sleeves 3.00 OF358
OF360 Five standing foxhounds (dogs) 10.00 OF360
OF361 Horse with top hatted gentleman rider 9.00 OF361
OF362 Standing horse in harness resting rear left hoof 6.00 Standing horse in harness resting rear left hoof Awaiting Stock
OF363 Standing loaded pack burro (kit) 8.00 OF363
OF364 "Grizzled prospector to lead burro" 3.00 Grizzled prospector to lead burro
OF365 Standing Sheriff, stetson hat, shotgun cradled in right arm 3.00 OF365
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