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English Civil War
Bygone Age
1940's Britain
General Interest
Cat No. The Georgian Period 1730-1795 (1/32 Scale) £each Image Add to Cart
G1 General Officer standing c.1745 8.00 G1
G2 Gentleman seated (figure only) 8.00 G2
G3 Manservant with tray & drinks 9.00 G3
G4 Country Gentleman standing with stave 8.00 G4
G5 Speaker standing leaning on table (figure only) 8.00 G5
G6 Gentleman seated leaning on table (figure only) 8.00 G6
G7 Gentleman seated writing on table (figure only) 8.00 G76
G8 Two men seated on tavern settle (complete) 25.00 G8
G9 Serving girl carrying dish of food 8.00 G9
G10 Seated flautist with chair 11.00 G10
G11 Seated bass-viol player with chair 12.00 G11
G12 Seated violinist with chair 11.00 G12
G13 Chess players (complete set) 37.50 G13
G14 American Lady standing c.1775 8.00 G14
G15 American Gentleman standing c.1775 8.00 G15
G16 Seated Lady with glass (figure only) 9.00 G16
G17 Seated Lady with fan (figure only) 9.00 G17
G18 Officer standing holding baby 11.00 G18
G19 Lady standing with girl holding hands 13.00 G19
G20 Sedan chair with passenger & carriers (complete kit) 37.50 G20
G20/A Lady standing with fan 8.00 G20/A
G21 Fusilier & tavern wench making merry c.1775 19.50 G21
G22 Caught napping America c.1776 21.50 G22
G23 Mounted Highwayman (complete) 26.00 G23
G24 Gamekeeper & Poacher with 'catch' (complete) 21.00 G24
G25 Innkeeper 8.00 G25
G26 Workman drinking 8.00 G26
G27 Workman with spade 8.00 G27
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